Les Ballet Grandiva's MEN IN TUTUS

"Artistically brilliant, absolutely hilarious" - New York Post

"Made us laugh until the tears flowed" - London Daily Telegraph

"Brilliant dancers, beautiful choreography, stunning costumes and sets" - New York Observer

Les Ballets Grandiva's Men In Tutus

Les Ballets Grandiva's "Men in Tutus" is the most spectacular, talented and hilarious all male comedy ballet ever.

The international company Les Ballets Grandiva is hailed by critics as "The greatest exponents of all male comedy ballet in the world today".

From the thrilling pirouettes of the male dancers (in male and female costumes) with brilliant choreography to the side splitting humour, all presented in $2 million of costumes, Grandiva's smash hit "Men In Tutus" is a show designed for male, female, young and old.

Les Ballets Grandiva's Men In Tutus

The largest company of its kind in the world, Grandiva boasts over fifty (50) ballets in its repertoire and twenty (20) of the best international male ballet dancers from thirteen (13) countries.

These handsome and beautiful soloists have performed with renowned ballet company's including Russia's Bolshoi and Kirov Ballets, New York Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, The American Ballet Theatre, the prestigious Royal Ballet, The National Ballet of Canada, The Royal Swedish Ballet, Berlin State Opera Ballet, English National Ballet, Royal Danish Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, Hong Kong Ballet to name a few.

Les Ballets Grandiva's Men In Tutus

Sell out tours are the order of the day and such is their popularity in Japan, that bodyguards are required to protect them from the hordes of adoring female fans, who worship "men in makeup".

Grandiva's "Men In Tutus" is the ultimate send up of both classical and contemporary ballet.

Les Ballets Grandiva's Men In Tutus

The combination of brilliant dancing technique, tongue in cheek and blatant humour with intentional foibles, dancing mishaps and of course hissy fits by men playing both male and female roles (some of the men do actually look like gorgeous women, while others are hairy chested men with pancake makeup but all in tutus etc. dancing on Pointe) creates great entertainment. 


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