Taj Express- The Bollywood Musical

A brand new musical called Taj Express  has been Produced and Directed  in India.


The show marries new India’s pop and Bollywood culture with deep rooted traditions, and features over 500 costumes, 700 accessories, 900 props, spectacular sets and magical toe-tapping music.  Taj Express is a love story, with elements of comedy, romance, action and controversy – and a host of unforgettable characters.  It has nine songs ranging from Bollywood hits to Indian folk music which has been remixed to bring in the commercial spice.  Vaibhavi Merchant, one of the premier choreographers in India is the director of choreography on the show – and the music is created by the duo Salim and Sulaiman Merchant – who have not only partnered with Lady GaGa on mixing some of her tracks but are also responsible for making some of the best hit songs in Bollywood.



Namaste and welcome aboard the Taj Express as it makes its exhilarating and vibrant journey from Mumbai - the city of dreams, to Agra - home of the Taj Mahal. During our journey, refreshing snippets from India's rich and diverse heritage will be served. On the specials menu are electrifying dance numbers including vibrant and rhythmic forms like the Lavani from Maharashtra, the koothu from South Indian and the dance of the blue god - Lord Shiva's mesmerising and powerful tandava. Sostow away your excess baggage, put your seats in the upright position, and fasten your seatbelts for a magical journey through kaleidoscopic India's ever-changing landscape.



A prince at heart and a pauper in the pocket, a street-smart thief Vasu is a homeless robber with a scruffy outside and a heart of gold.  Mothered by the streets of the big brutal city, Vasu grows up to be one of the best thieves in Mumbai – but he longs for a settled life away from the big city chaos of Mumbai.  However, in order to get a hero’s farewell from his gang, he will have to commit the biggest robbery of all.  He’d have to ‘beat the trap’ by stealing a woman’s heart.Vasu, besotted by his childhood muse Meera, sets out on a journey to find her and express his undying love.  Meera, unaware of his existence, is on the run to unite with the man of her dreams.  They both board the Taj Express with separate intentions – unaware of Destiny’s playful plan.


As the Taj Express chugs past colourful villages and quaint towns from Mumbai to Baroda, Vasu tries to win over Meera's heart. But despite more than a few tender moments, she leaves to reunite with the man of her dreams.  Heart-broken Vasu decides to follow his destiny. But Destiny, as we Indians know, has its own plan. Six months later Vasu, back with the gang of thieves and dressed as Lord Shiva himself, and Meera - dressed as the lord's very own wife Parvati, come face-to-face again. 

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