Circus of the Elements

In the infinite ones stretches the sea, Aquaria prevails

The legendary goddess of the deep sea.

Every year, to celebrate their subjects about these in the time of gathered Aquaria in the coral-palace about a rustling party

- and this time, there should be another quite particular reason.

The 4 elements their most valuable qualities as offering of the deep sea-goddess would measure water earth and air fires their exceptional strengths in the noble contest and would offer.

AQUARIA should create all the outshining symbol of the glories and beauties of their empire from these noble offerings in one.

It should be "a pearl

As purely as the water,

easily like the wind,

passionately like the flames

permanently like the earth"

A FIFTH all the uniting element

"EARTH, FIRES, WATER AND WIND. . begins - the contest of the elements begins"...


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