Georgian Youth Dance Company

The ensemble of Georgian folk Dances of children “Georgian State Youth Dance Company” was founded in 1995 in Tbilisi. The chief choreograph and director of the ensemble is a former soloist of Georgian National Dances- Gia Davitashvili. Now, the school-studio of the ensemble consists of 360 children under 6-14 age. Dancers of the studio, are selected annually for show program “Georgian State Youth Dance Company”. The ensemble was appeared before great auditorium in 1998 in Tbilisi State Theatre of Opera and Ballet first time. Great attention was paid to the children since the beginning. Specialists and spectators recognized unanimously about foundation of a new, original creative collective. Hence ascension of the ensemble has begun. Within 13 years of its existence they were participated in the different international festivals, where they proved their high professionalism and were awarded by various prizes. Namely, in the Republican competition held in Tbilisi, the ensemble “Georgian State Youth Dance Company” took 1st place and Grant Prix among 16 best choreographic collectives. The ensemble was given Grant Prix at Georgian dance festival taken place in Poti as well. The ensemble was granted a title of laureate at the international festival taken place in Istanbul, Chorum, Nicosia. It is remarkable that the “Georgian State Youth Dance Company” were appeared in the Dance International Festival taken place in Guatemala, among the famous collectives, as Moscow Great Theatre Ballet, Monte-Carlo Ballet, “Argentina Tango” , “Spanish Flamingo “ . “Georgian State Youth Dance Company” was only one children’s ensemble among them. The ensemble visited in many countries since its foundation: Russia, Cyprus , Greece, Turkey , Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, Columbia ,Peru, Costa-Rica, Panama, Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Dominique Republic, Ecuador ,Azerbaijan…… Foreign spectators acquaint with art of the children with great interest and are inspired with their professionalism. 1999 - Tbilisi - the ensemble “Georgian State Youth Dance Company”. was awarded with the Grand Prix in the competition among 12 best art groups. 1999 - Moscow - "The Festival of Friendship" - the ensemble took the first place; the competent judges announced the "Georgian State Youth Dance Company" as the best one and became the laureate of the Festival. 2000 - Poti, International Festival, was awarded with the Grand Prix. 2000 - Moscow, Tchaikovsky Hall, International Festival, the ensemble became the laureate of the Festival. 2001 - Turkey (Istanbul, Chorum, Bursa), International Festival, the ensemble became the laureate of the Festival. 2001 - one month tour in Greek and Cyprus (Athens, Nicosia, Larnaka) 2002 - Spain (Madrid the theatre "NUEVO APOLO" (15 concerts), 2002 - Venezuela, Costa-Rica, Panama, Salvador, Salvador, Honduras, Peru 2003 - Guatemala, International Festival. 2003 - Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru 2004 - Costa-Rica, Panama, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay 2005 - Peru, Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Chile, Colombia 2006-Russia-Moscow-Vladimer Spivakov’s charitable fond’s international festival “Moscow meets the friends”. 2006 - Mexico, 2008 - Guatemala, Costa-Rica, Mexico, Santa-Domingo 2009-Azerbaijan-International Festival.

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