Russian Stars on Ice

Touring the world since 1986, Russian Stars on Ice is warming the hearts of audiences with spectacularly designed ice shows for all ages of figure skating fans, performed by Olympic, World and European Champions, Masters of Sports, participants of national and international sports competitions as well as circus artists.
Russian Stars on Ice formed when European Champion Igor Bobrin, a true ice master, one of the most innovative contributors to the world of figure skating, the king of exhibition skating and performer of world renown "Cowboy", "Paganini", and "Invisible Partner", united a group of like-minded skater friends. Olympic Gold Champions, Natalya (Natasha) Bestemyanova, and skating partner Andrey Bukin, joined Bobrin a year later and continue to star with the Russian Stars on Ice. The theatre's authentically original choreography, unique skating styles and complex dramatic compositions are celebrated around the world. Guest Star List includes many European, World, and Olympic champions. Among them: Elena Valova/Alexander Vasiljev, Irina Vorobjeva/Igor Lisovsky, Larisa Selezneva/Oleg Makarov, Marina Yeltsova/Andrey Bushkov, Marina Pestova/Marat Akbarov, Oksana Kazakova/Artur Dmitriev, Vladimir Kotin, Alexey Urmanov, Andrey Vlashchenko, Kira Ivanova.
"What we enjoy most is skating for our fans, be it at the Olympic Stadium in Sapporo, Japan at a summer recreation park in Italy, Florida, or Euro Disney. With over 60 programs in our repertoire, we strive to tailor our performances toward the culture of the country we perform in. We communicate with our fans in the universal language of figure skating. The joy and appreciation we feel from our audience continues to inspire us."
Performances usually consist of a one-act ballet and an ice divertissement in the second act or a two-act ballet. Shows run 110-120 minutes, including a 15-minute ice preparation intermission.

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