Siverko Folk Dance Ensemble

The artists come from vast and snowy north of Russia where they live and work in the town of Arhangelsk. The mysterious wind "Siverko" blowing from the White Sea incessantly - sometimes icy-cold, sometimes pleasantly mild and is said to have a miraculous power; and the natural beauty of the north land influence the artistic work of this State Ensemble.
Since 1976 these 70 ballet, orchestra and choir members deliver joy to audiences with ballads and dances from their motherland.
This Ensemble is well - known far beyond the Russian borders and toured such countries as Finland, Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Turkey, India, Austria, Italy, Belgium and Poland
The young men and women play and dance the colourful folk works from their northern motherland; real folk-art masterworks of the best quality, hardly elsewhere to see, are the songs and dances with some melodies of sea and wind full of temperament and uncontrollable passion.
With the help of orchestra accompaniment comprising harmonica, balalaika, reed pipe and domra and by the wonderful performance to the temperament or melancholic melodies the dancers show the typical scenes of Old Russian life. They turn the stage into a real Russian village with its folk dances and traditional songs.
The key to the young artists` success is in their simplicity, warmth and naturalness as well as in perfection and professionalism not without which they bring their dances and songs to audiences.

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