Georgian Dance Theatre LEGACY ( Eastern Europe)

Georgian Dance Theatre "Legacy" was founded by the dancers of Sukhishvili, Georgian National Folk Dance Ensemble - Maka and Eka Vacheishvili.
Since the founding of the group in 2006 LEGACY has shared the richness of Georgian cultural heritage and Georgian folk life through music and
dance with audiences in various countries of the world.
The talent of the dancers, the richness of the choreography and the joy of life displayed
by artists-dancers, who by their level of performances are not inferior to professional artists, captured the hearts of millions of people.
The young
artists perform traditional dances representing various time periods of Georgian history, from the ancient times to the dances of 19th-20th
Legacy incorporates its own style in Georgian Folk Dances. The Ensemble is very successful in Turkey, Armenia, and Scotland, Moldova, as well as
other countries.
Georgian choreography incorporates different types of dances: solo, duet, group dances, women, and men, as well as mixed dances.
Among them there are dances with social, entertainment, battle and lyrical themes. Legacy is a colorful coalition of highly talented young dancers
who have been noted for their ability to move gracefully on the stage, for their artistry and grace.

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