Krasnoyarsk National Dance company of Siberia

Performing Siberian dances to live music, the Krasnoyarsk National Dance Company captivates audiences with their vivid character portrayals, the musical movements, and the fanciful patterns of the choreographic design. The dances following one after another in a kaleidoscope like manner. Beautiful costumes, thrilling choreography, and the energetic music by the orchestra of national instruments combine to create a night of energetic fun for the entire family.
"Words fail to express the deep impression created by the beautiful figures, swift movements and virtuoso performance including the smooth, gliding dances of the girls, the remarkable jumps and pirouettes of the men dancers."

The Krasnoyarsk National Dance Company of Siberia knows how to put on a good show. Folk purists might have objected to the generalized glides, leaps and acrobatics, spiced with a bit of tapping. The dancers, who seemed to number in the hundreds in full-company pieces, are charmingly wholehearted and skillful. The staging is sleek and the costumes colorful, pretty and sometimes comically glitzy. The orchestra performes on folk and traditional instruments with the cheerful push of a band playing ''Hold That Tiger.''

The focus is on theatrical vignettes, typified in two dances that follow dizzyingly one after the other. In ''Bird Cherry in Bloom,'' a beautiful young woman is courted by two suitors, one elegant but remote and the other an ardent pup who eventually won her hand. Then came ''Farm Yard,'' a nutty group dance in which battalions of roosters, hens and fuzzy yellow chicks preen and compete.

The program also includes dances filled with stately gliding patterns, fast footwork and some astonishing acrobatic tricks, among them hectic scuttling on all fours with backs to the ground, jacknifing flips and crouching women spinning like tops.

Some of the choreography is by Mikhail Godenko, who founded the company in 1960, and Nikolay Goroshevsky, its artistic director, with musical contributions from Vladimir Kornev.

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