Russian Seduction

Russian Seduction is an astonishingly delightful and enchanting show created by Daniel Pham Van Long and Vladimir Vorobei, who have both been organizing entertainment programs in casinos for over 25 years.

They loved Russia very much as it was the country where they lived and where they met Evgueni Panfilov, the famous Russian choreographer whom they invited to take part in creation of Russia Seduction.

Russian Seduction was finally born in 1998, after two years of hard creative work. It is composed of 26 dancers with some 400 incredible costumes, specially designed for the show with real jewels and furs from the Urals. They perform over 24 sets which can be adapted to any culture from the most traditional to the less puritan.

Classical Russian sets can be harmoniously associated with modern ones. This is why Russian Seduction is now being presented all over the world from Monaco to St Martin and Las Vegas. Russian Seduction main aim is to allow spectators to discover Russian culture in general, its past and its present as well as its cultural diversity.

The objective is achieved through the choice of sets which take us from Slav and Gipsy folksongs to oriental music, and up to contemporary sketches accompanied by modern masters, such as Tina Turner, Pet Shop Boys and Boney M. Russian Seduction is a mix of occidental and oriental cultures to be seen by people from all over the world.
This show is the proof that Russian art can be integrated into world culture.

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