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Tatarstan State Dance Ensemble

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State Song and Dance Ensemble of the Republic of Tatarstan was created almost 80 years ago. The ensemble is a symbol of the Tatar national art. The team is one of the cultural centers of the Tatar ethnic folklore, where its team reserch and develop national art in the most complete and comprehensive way.

The Tatar folk songs and dances conquer audience ny its nobleness and dignity, tenderness and courage, wisdom and deep humanity. Having originated from ancient times, they came through long historical path, absorbing and reflecting the people’s achivements in their work, thinking, in their struggle for a brighter future. Dances and legends, lyrical poems convey the audience warmth of hearts of their authors.

The ensemble is a winner of the All-Union and All-Russia competitions, the winner of the International Folklore Festival of Carthage in Tunisia, the winner of the 43rd International Festival in France, the winner of State Prize of the Republic of Tatarstan. State Song and Dance Ensemble of the Republic of Tatarstan has been an active propagandist of the richest treasure of folk art for 70 years.

The ensemble was founded in 1937. The creative life of the ensemble – its past, present and future is related to the folklore traditions of the Tatar people. Formation of the creative team appearance took place in an atmosphere of professional formation of the Tatar culture of 30-40’s, the twentieth century, in close contact with prominent folklorists, composers, choreographers, painters and writers.

Folk songs are simple and sincere. How deep and wise they are, they are reflection of an inexhaustible love towards people to their native land. Creation of vivid artistic imagery on the basis of folk songs and dances serves the aesthetic ideal of the people, their distinctive psychology.

Tatar dance – is juicy genre pictures of national life, full of warmth and humor, often full of comedy episodes. They fascinate by emotional liveliness, spontaneity, lyrical penetration.

Women’s dances are full of elegance and nobility, chastity and restraint, anxious tenderness. Male dance captures by the fiery temperament, energy and enthusiasm of young dancers dzhigits.

A festive concert spectacle complements the richness of colors of the national costumes. Skillfully embroidered boots and iridescent weaves original ornaments adorning the national dress, are a unique example of Tatar decorative arts and the pride of craftsmen.

The ensemble has always been not only the bearer of tradition, but also a propagandist of the ideas of modernity, always combines laboratory research with the practice of active concert activity.

State Song and Dance Ensemble of the Republic of Tatarstan has extensive touring activities in Russia, CIS countries and abroad. Performing outside our homeland, the ensemble carries out the noble mission of introducing the national art to different nations. The ensemble visited with concerts China, Korea, Mongolia, Tunisia, Turkey, Italy, Malta, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, England, Germany, Japan, Yemen, Finland, Yugoslavia, France, Senegal, Benin, Nigeria.

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