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Georgian Youth Dance Company

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The outline of every traditional dance, original illumination of the stage, proper selection of the national costumes and the distinguishable appearance of each child – this is the harmonious entirety, which gives the unique character to the show of Georgian Youth Dance Company.

The success of the show is guaranteed by the professionalism and strict discipline, which is typical for the manager, founder, general choreographer and the director of the ensemble, the former soloist of Georgian National Ballet – Mr Gia Davitashvili. He takes care for not only the preparation of the dancers, but also the rest of the things which creates the unique character of the show.

Fantastic spectacle of the Georgian spirit makes everybody inspired. 36 virtuous child – boys with the athletic bodies and gentle, beautiful girls present the program (two parts) on the professional level. With the magnificent dances and fascinating polyphonic songs  the show narrates Georgian history and leaves unforgettable impression to the spectators. Everybody, who has once seen this performance, is willing to see again these talented children, who represent the culture of their country in dances to the whole world.

The children’s ensemble of national dances  has been established in 1993 in Tbilisi. During the 24years of its existence the ensemble  has taken part in several international festivals, where the participants have expressed high performing skills and have gained numerous prizes.  Georgian Youth Dance Company  have performed more than 1250 concerts in 41 countries.

More than 3 000 000 spectators have been present to their performances. Currently 320 pupils (from the age of 8 to 14 years) study in the school-studio of the ensemble.

The best dancers of the studio are annually selected for the show program

Book / Hire Shows