Stavropol Cossacks


      Stavropol Cossacks The "STAVROPOL COSSACKS" ensemble was founded in 1981 and is one of the most important folklore ensembles in Russia, world-famous for its artistic [...]

Siberian Cossacks


Siberian Cossacks Audiences worldwide have been captivated by the character portrayals, musical movements, exquisite costumery, and authentic fanciful patterns of choreographic design found in productions by The Siberian [...]

Show Ballet TODES


Show Ballet TODES Russia, America, France, Italy, England, Monte Carlo, South Korea and Israel - the world's epicenters of modern culture. What they have in common? At her [...]

Kuban Cossacks


Kuban Cossacks The State Academic Kuban Cossack Chorus is the "visiting card" of Krasnodar Region, the pride and cultural treasure of the land of Cossacks. Concert programs: spectacular [...]

Moiseyev Dance Company


Moiseyev Dance Company The 70-year-old Moiseyev Dance Company is consistently acclaimed throughout the world as the greatest of all folk dance groups. The ensemble, honored as Russia's official "State Academic Ensemble of [...]

Don Cossacks


Don Cossacks Rostov Don Cossacks State Academic Song and Dance Ensemble from the Don River region of Russia, town of Rostov-Na-Donu, was established in 1936 to preserve the [...]



Beryozka For years, the Beryozka troupe was regarded as a trademark of the Russian culture; its artistry has won audiences in 80 countries. Its repertoire is rich and [...]