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Russia, America, France, Italy, England, Monte Carlo, South Korea and Israel – the world’s epicenters of modern culture. What they have in common? At her home globe Alla Duhova could, in each of these sites check box – “conquered”. Popularity of TODES crossed the borders of Russia. The best traditions of classical ballet and modern trends in contemporary dance culture combine in a unique concept, created by the famous choreographer.

Alla Duhova along with her team works with the biggest stars of the world of show business. Michael Jackson, Ricky Martin, Mariah Carrey – just a few big names out of a long track record TODES. In this solo “dance performances” Ballet held at the largest and most prestigious concert halls around the world. And the audience for the tickets they are arranged in a kilometer queue.

Teaching dance school ballet studio TODES opens almost every month in various parts of Russia, CIS and Baltic countries and even in Malta. Learn a new dance style comes more and more people who want to make a career in show business. They have already noticed: Many of the rising stars of contemporary Russian pop music – originally from TODES.

After each presentation TODES – is not only sensual and beautiful dance, performed by professional ballet dancers. It is also a dramatic performance with excellent acting, which is owned by each of the dancers. All that merges the scene, and … with the adoring audience opens a new world, there are different shades of feeling, the scope and depth. This – the last link that closes the chain of spectator emotion and that elusive element that distinguishes TODES from most dance groups.

Today TODES – not just ballet. This is a real factory of beauty.

Currently, this is not just the best choreographic collective of contemporary dance. They are the professionals whom no one can match!
Wonderful costumes, incredible light spectacle, modern contemporary music and exciting choreography, TODES will take you on an unforgettable trip.

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