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Moscow State Dance Theatre

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The Theatre of Dance  creative devotion inspired by Valdimir Zakharov , its Founder, Director and Chief Choreographer, is a passion to show the spectators – through the means of dance and music – magic phenomena, traditions and customs of Russian folks’ everyday life, her rich spiritual world, ingenuity and creativity of Russian craftsmen, aesthetic feelings coming from the deep of so – called “Russian Soul”.

Thus, the Theatre  is eager to contribute to keeping and developing of national Russian culture. Making use of the rich folklore experience of different Russia’s regions, the Theatre  revives the scenes of past and present, giving a second life to the wonderful creations of the folk art and crafts’ masters ( from Gzhel, Palekh, Khokhloma, Dymkov)
The Theatre is a personification of Russia ‘s Beauty, of her unique national culture. Highly qualified, professional ballet dancers are “the Heart” of the Theatre. All of them are graduates from national choreographic and ballet academies, and their creative abilities are the light fantastic. The ballet dancers’ strengths are their youth, sincerity and high potential of expressive means.

The Theatre is the only one dancing group in the world making three different ballet professional performances at the same time, such as: folk dance, modern dance (music-hall) and classic ballet.
The performing cast comprises extraordinary and unique ballet dancers, among them: Ludmila Korkina , People’s Artist of Russia; Irina Tsukanova , Honoured Artist of Russia ; Julia Kopaneva; Anna Pyura; Anastasia Bojarova; Julia Baldina; Tatiana Mokritskaya; Aleksandra Sitnikova; Julia Grentsman.

The Theatre has an excellent orchestra of folk instruments, headed by Valery Petrov , Laureate of International Competitions.
The Theatre Gzhel Director and Chief Choreographer, Vladimir Zakharov, works with the team of talented and experienced colleagues. Among them are professional trainers-choreographers:
Valentina Slykhanova, Honoured Worker of Culture;
Olga Sharoyko,Honoured Worker of Culture;
Serguey Ryabchikov, Honoured Worker of Culture, is the Executive Director of the Theatre.

Famous Russian Composers, Viktor Temnov, People’s Artist of Russia, and Vladimir Kornev, Honoured Artist of Russia, co-operate with the Theatre for many years.
The Theatre’s costumes are really unique and fantastic.
They are created by the famous Sewing Workshops of the Bolshoy and the Stanislavsky-and-Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theatres.

The Theatre’s big number of performances have a great success in many Russian cities, gather lots of fans and spectators in CIS countries.
Besides, the Theatre gives many performances in Moscow at the stage of the best Russian capital’s concert-halls, such as the Kremlin Palace Conference/Concert Hall; The Tchaikovsky Concert Hall; The ” Russia ” National Central Concert Hall; The “Column” Concert Hall.

International performances of the Theatre are very famous too.
The Theatre toured for over 60 countries and it was given a rousing welcome everywhere.

In 1999 the Theatre was awarded by the honorary title of “Academic Theatre” for its considerable artistic contribution in the Russian national choreography and for choreographic education achievements.

There are many unique concert programs have been created, staged and performed by the Theatre. Among most famous and popular are: “Carnival Of Friends” , consisting of the world national dances; the concert program “From Russia With Love” is a traditional Russian music hall show with modernist style dancing scenes.
The concert program “The Magic World Of Ballet” represents divertissements, famous classical ballet scenes from world – known ballets:” Swan Lake “, “Nutcracker”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Corsair”, “Giselle”, “Quixote”, etc.
Concert programs can be mixed (mosaic), for example, combining pieces of classical ballet with folk dance and music-hall.

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