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Krasnoyarsk Dance Company of Siberia

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The ensemble of folk dance and song was formed in 1946 as a traditional Russian folk choir. The choreographic group was added in 1954 and by 1960 had become the priority of the collective, then, in 1963 with the appearance of Mikhail Godenko, ensemble got its current name and eventually turn itself into a visiting card of Krasnoyarsk.

That time Krasnoyarsk city was closed for the foreigners, but the ensemble already went on tours abroad; due to it Krasnoyarsk appeared first on the cultural world map, and only then – on the physical one. In the 60s the ensemble toured to the Asian and African countries along with the socialistic counties in Eastern Europe, then in 1972 it visited France, in 1973 – in Cuba, the USA, Japan… M.Godenko created an orchestra to accompany at the concerts and with the time passing the number of people grew up to over a 100, allowing the most sophisticated choreographic dramaturgy.

The golden fund of the ensemble is the folk-pop compound choreographic compositions with intricate designs, distinctive enthusiasm, the convex character and individual style of performance. There many compositions, popular for a decades, such as “My Siberia”, “By the Well”, “Cossack Dance”, “In the Backyard” and so on. In total Godenko created over 150 shows. His latest work was the “Evening Bell”.

In the 90s A.Davidovich, People’s Artist of Georgia, known for his outstanding performances “On the Bench”, “Bird Cherry Blossoms”, “Hussar Quadrille”, “Siberian Prowess” and others, took over the leadership of the ensemble.

In 1995 according to Ministry of Culture of Russia, the ensemble was given the status “Academic” for its contribution to USSR and Russian choreography.

In January 2009 the ensemble awarded the status of a particularly valuable object of cultural heritage of Krasnoyarsky Krai.

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