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Red Army Choir and Dance Ensemble

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The Red Army Choir and Dance Ensemble under the direction of Victor Eliseev.
For the last thirty years The Red Army Choir and Dance Ensemble has become a household name worldwide. Having toured on every Continent, from the concert halls of Moscow to China, the USA, Great Britain and Australia. The Red Army Choir have performed in many languages to over 17 million people.

The Red Army Choir and Dance Ensemble have performed for His Holiness The Pope, creating the milestone for this great attraction that many other acts could only dream of. On the 17th of September, 1998, for the first time in the history of Russia, by decree of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin, The Red Army Choir were presented with the “Plate-Star” at The Kremlin for their contribution to domestic and world culture.

The versatility of their music from classic Russian songs to contemporary English pop has captured the hearts of all ages. With renditions of songs from The Beatles to Beethoven, The Red army Choir and Orchestra, under the direction of Major General Victor Eliseev, have received enormous media recognition.

The incredible dance sequences of the dance ensemble encompass modern ballet to traditional Russian folk, and the evergreen favourite dance of The Cossacks.

The ensemble consists of a male choir, dancing group, orchestra and soloists. In 1993 the ensemble was given the rank “Academic”. 19 artists have State Honorary titles.

The ensemble leader and head conductor is internal service Major General Victor Eliseev, Peoples Artist of Russia. A graduate of the Gnesin Institute, he has been active from the creation of the group and has travelled the road from soldier to general.

The ensemble’s universal appeal has seen them set many milestones. They are one of the few attractions in the world that have experienced them all, from entertaining the troops in below zero conditions on makeshift stages in Chechnya, under tarpaulins in the deserts of Afghanistan, singing by invitation for the Pope at the Vatican to performing on stage with Elton John in Moscow.

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