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Stavropol Cossacks

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The “STAVROPOL COSSACKS” ensemble was founded in 1981 and is one of the most important folklore ensembles in Russia, world-famous for its artistic commitment to encouraging folkloristic dance culture. The 40 members of the ballet, orchestra and choir have given successful guest performances throughout the world including England, France, Italy, Spain, USA, Japan as well as Germany under their artistic manager Ivan Gromakov.

The artists’ home is the Stavropol region to the north of the Caucasus. This beautiful country with its sun-drenched meadows, wide-open spaces, famous riding horses and eventful past, stretches from the endless steppes to the snow-covered Caucasus mountains and has had a great influence on the artists’ creative work. The ensemble is keeping the history of the Cossacks alive – this wonderful treasure of traditional dances and folksongs. The Cossacks’ songs and dances are as true and honest as the souls of the freedom-loving horsemen and exude freedom, love and yearning, braveness, hope and passion.

The fiery dances of the Cossacks, a people famed for their love of freedom and horses from the wide steppes of Russia, will have you working up a sweat in even the coldest Russian winter. And their wistful songs will melt the hearts of not only Russians who are familiar with melancholy. The artists of the “STAVROPOL COSSACKS” Russian State Dance Ensemble take their audiences by storm through their profundity and enthusiasm, even in the Occident.

In addition to the original choreographies of the traditional folk dances and songs, particular attention is paid to the wonderfully elaborate costumes. The artists take a total of around 300 different dresses and robes with them on tour for the various dances. However, a perfect performance calls for not only costumes that are accurate in every detail but also the right accessories. The veils, hairstyles and opulent headdresses of the women as well as the hats, boots and titanium sabres worn by the men are the perfect complement to the magnificent robes.

The highlight of this spectacular show by the ensemble from Stavropol is the “Great Cossack dance” for which special sabres have been made of titanium that really let the sparks fly. Some members of the audience may get carried away by the glowing vitality and immense warmth and yearn to live a Cossack’s life, if only for a night…

Anyone who loves Russian folklore, this inimitable symbiosis of dance and music, of masterly, sometimes even acrobatic movements and wistful nostalgic sounds, will be fascinated and thrilled by the programme presented by the “Stavropol Cossacks” ensemble. Because they are true masters of all fields of Russian folklore and ignite a real firework of dances, songs and instrumental pieces on stage.

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