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Siberian Cossacks

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Audiences worldwide have been captivated by the character portrayals, musical movements, exquisite costumery, and authentic fanciful patterns of choreographic design found in productions by The Siberian Cossacks. The dancers following one another in a kaleidoscope like manner are perceived as a single choreographic symphony, as a continuous stream of folk dance elements.

From Monaco to Tokyo, The Siberian Cossacks have left indelible impressions on audiences worldwide, with their original manner of performing Siberian dances with dash and vigour. They have toured the world, winning rave reviews and enthusiastic applause.

The Siberian Cossacks repertory contains large choreographic canvases with many episodes and contrasting rhythms. Each personage of the dance is a carefully moulded character with it’s own unique pattern.

The company’s creative range has been broadened yearly with acquired confidence in its manner of performance and a strict laconism in the imagery of its dances. The subtle choreographic fusion of The Siberian Cossacks all round dances with modern dances are integrated by the imagination of the choreographer Yuri Tsarenko.

In collaboration with Yuri Tsarenko is musical director and composer Vladimir Kornev, whose music is distinctive for it’s folk character and melodiousness.

The Siberian Cossacks feature several talented soloists with striking individuality. Their great love of dancing are constantly hedging the dancers towards a higher degree of mastery. Folk melodies, round dance, athleticism, game and dance songs constitute the musical bases or repertory.

The origins stem from the foothills of the Sayan Mountains to the icy Kara Sea to the waters of the mighty and majestic Yenasey River. On it’s banks live the people of Siberia, who proudly have their own culture, literature and art. This vast land is the source of inspiration for The Siberian Cossacks, which by choreographic means reveals the spiritual wealth of the Siberians, glorifying their labour feats and telling of the wonderful nature of the land.

The name “Cossack” is a derivative of the Turkic word “kazak” which simply means “free man” or “adventurer”. Indeed, the Cossacks life was quite an adventure. This sub-ethnic group was formed and shaped in never ending wars and conflicts. In the 15th century the term “Cossack” referred to self-governing warrior communities, in which an outsider could join. If accepted the Cossacks considered him a worthy warrior. There is evidence that the Cossacks accepted into their communities Tartars, Germans, Greeks and Turks, although it is believed that the majority to be of Slavic origin.

In the 17th and 18th centuries the Cossacks participated in widespread revolts against the Russian Government. In later years the Tsars of Russia used the Cossacks as border troops and as a special military and police force for the last years of the USSR. Cossacks organisations experienced a sudden revival and after dissolution in 1991, the movement spread to areas outside the traditional Cossack lands.

The Siberian Cossacks popularity is growing with every year, and with every year grows its vast following worldwide, admiring its bright, vital talent. An experience to behold.

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