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Russian National Dance Company

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Having already won the hearts of audiences around the globe, from Russia to Australia, this incredible dance company presents in its most refined form Russian traditional performance art. The programme cleverly, and with great prowess, unites lyrical sketches with elements of folklore and ancient Russian epic, whilst preserving the flavour of both Soviet and contemporary Russia.

The show is presented against a backdrop of panoramic sets that reflect in turn the spirit of imperial pre-revolutionary Russia, the passion of socialist zeal, the patriotism and unity of wartime, and the sparkling talent and richness of modern Russia. From orthodox to secular to heroic, this spectacular show offers a compelling insight into the traditions, culture and history of a great country.

The show is, in its own right, an aesthetic journey into Russia’s deep history. The programme includes a varied mix of traditional national dance and contemporary ballet pieces. The troupe consists of more than 50 artists with 300 unique costumes decorated with pearls, silver and gold all created and hand-embroidered especially for the show. As one of Russia’s most expensive stage shows with its unique music and gripping effects, you will be led into a luxurious and fun tale full of memorable surprises.

President of the Russian National Ballet Company ‘Kostroma’ and producer of “The Russian National Dance Show” , the Honored worker of culture Elena Tsarenko believes that foreign guests have now an opportunity to get acquainted with the elevated culture based on the folk material alongside with the trite folklore that is widely presented in the show. “Our project is super expensive as we are employing the best modern special effects. The music is composed specifically for the show and is recorded with the folk instrument orchestra named after Osipov. The costumes are all decorated with handmade embroidery. Besides, we use so called “live pictures”: rear-video-projection instead of the sets. We made them three-dimensional”.

Any performance of the company can be called a blockbuster meaning a global project in which a lot of creative, material and technical assets were put into. Company’s show amazes with the beauty of the conception, the virtuosity of performance, professional attitude and attention to the nuances. This is not a movie with the numerous takes but a live show. There is no violence, terror and tragedies but fine details, connected with the ancient Russian culture, thoroughly thought over, braided in a colorful canvas.

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