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Imperial Russian Dance Company’s FLYING TZARS

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The Imperial Russian Dance Company’s Flying Tzars are one of the most thrilling and spectacular dance companies in the world.  With over 40 performers, the Imperial Russian Dance Company’s Flying Tzars present a show for the whole family.

Critics around the world have hailed their performances.

From New York to Tokyo, audiences have been spellbound by not only the good looking, wild eyed men with their feverish, unique and dangerous acrobatic dance routines, but also by the beauty of the females, the breathtaking gowns and costumes, the circus like tricks and acrobatics, their speed, agility and comedy.

Their gravity defying dance routines with near six foot high spins and flying leaps makes them unique.

Formed in 1958, the ensemble has performed to over 20 million people in 73 different countries. Their performance at New York’s Lincoln Centre prompted the New York Post’s “most beautiful show in a decade”.

In their homeland, such is the respect that President Putin regularly invites the ensemble to perform at major State functions including the recent G8 summit in St Petersburg. They are also one of the few attractions to have been invited to perform at the White House.

What the critics have to say:

“The routines are not simply spectacular, they are wild – so consistently wild they sometimes make the Cossacks seem tame” – Los Angeles Times

“There is a showstopper of a saber dance. Add to these a couple of dramatic vignettes, a virtuoso set piece for the company’s drummers, a circus act with contortionists, and even a hire wire act, and you have a folk show that avoids any sense of repetition ” – Boston Herald

“As a total theatrical experience, the audience will remember last night, long after the curtain went down. Before the finale was over, the audience was on its feet in a tribute to this company whose portrayal of dance and theatre was a wonderful celebration of life” – San Francisco Chronicle

“The troupe was a hurricane one instant, then a whirlwind and never less than a lively gale” – Detroit News

“A triumph – the dancers are colorful, exciting, stunningly spry and at times, emotionally moving” – Miami Today

“Fifty artists strong, the troupe has a superb discipline of style and technique. This makes possible and never detracts from a spontaneous vigor that jolts an audience like a thunderbolt. Its dances are fresh with patterns never seen before” – San Diego Reader

“The impact comes from their amazingly uninhibited style. The wild eyed ferocity of the male dancers with their good naturedly barbaric exuberance and the sauciness of the women teach a lesson in dance theatrics, and yet there is no false note. The dancers throw themselves into every grueling air turn to the knees and every acrobatic trick and every festive chain dance as if they were going off to war or a village celebration” – Seattle Times

“The pieces performed ranged from majestic to romantic, from gracious to voracious with the women’s graceful, calming interludes featuring rounded floor patterns, a lyrical arm carriage and floating footwork contrasting with the men’s aggressively rousing athleticism and bravado” – Denver Post

“One may wonder just how authentic each piece is – how much “artistic license” has been taken for the sake of visual, kinetic and comic appeal. It’s worthwhile wondering but such case for pause ultimately is whirled away by the sheer beauty and bravado of the dancers” – New York Daily Times

“The precision of the corps of dancers, the graceful glide of the women as they seem to float on stage, the athletic strength and seemingly impossible contortions of the men and the simply remarkable precision of every single move were a marvel to behold” – New York Observer

“The men often dance on toe, slamming their toes onto the stage, then pounding their knees onto the floor, before bounding up to their full height while twirling in mid air” – Cincinnati Enquirer

“The women often strike poses that put your mind in the far east, but are as apt to fly in the spirited patterns of the vibrant eastern folk dances. There is both a grace and a vitality to the dancing, and a great deal of wit as well” – Kansas City Star

“Group exudes an earthy authenticity, from the explosive untamed spirits of the performers and their exotic appearance, to the very different footwork and the pungency of the music” – Columbia Daily Herald

“The men leap, tumble, spin and do amazing acrobatic feats” – Dallas Observer

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