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Moscow Ballet Classique

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Moscow Ballet of Classical Choreography – “La Classique” was founded in 1990 by its current director Elik Melikov, utilising ballet dancers from the leading theatres of the CIS Countries and the Bolshoi, Kirov and Ballet Theatres of Kiev, Odessa, Tbilisi, Perm and etc. The following ballets were staged and are now in the repertoire of the theatre.

The prominent choreographers were working at the theatre. They are: N.Ryzhenko, V.Kovtun, N.Dolgushin, V.Litvinov, Serge Manguette (Italy). The following coachers trained the dancers of the company: N.Zolotova, A.Prokofyev, B.Rakhmanin, L.Semenyaka, A.Kulayeva, L.Guseva, V.Koshelev , etc.

The following ballet-stars have been dancing with the company: N.Pavlova, L.Kunakova, A.Bogatyryov, L.Semenyaka, N.Yeryominko, A.Mikhalchenko, N.Semizorova, M.Peretokin, I.Pyatkina, R.Pronin and etc. Recently world-renowned soloists: Evgenia Novikova, Dmitry Smirnov, Albina Dmitrieva-Honoured dancer of Russia, Igor Stetsiour-Mova-Honoured Dancer of Russia, Iana Kazantseva- Honoured Dancer of Russia, Denis Pivovarov, Andrey Laypin and others lead the Moscow Ballet “La Classique”.

The various scenographers cooperated with the company. Among them are:

Мarina Sokolova, Maria Zavitskaya, Luca Dall’alpi (Italy), Evgeny Gurenko, Marina Zotova and etc.

Currently Albina Dmitrieva, Alexander Vorotnikov and Irina Nesterova-Vorotnikova are coaching the trouppe. Damir Ismagilov and Boris Volkov frequently designed lighting.
Nowadays the following high professionals comprise a stage team: stage manager – Sergey Bugakov, lighting designer – Sergey Yurkin, sound manager – Elizaveta Mikhailova, wardrobe supervisor – Natalia Krasinets, administrator – Valery Merkulov.

Always in demand, Moscow Ballet “La Classique” thrilled the ballet lovers during the passed period with the successful tours in Italy, Morocco, Spain, Egypt, Austria, Norway, Taiwan, China, France, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

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