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Moscow Circus on Ice

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 The birth of the first and, at that time, the only “Circus on Ice” group in the world was a new landmark in the history of world circus. It was the final and greatest work of Arnold Gregoryevich Arnold, one of the greatest directors of the Soviet period.

Having consolidated his working experience in variety theatres, circus, cinema and ballet on ice as well as inspiring his friends the best choreographers, artists, composers, writers and circus masters with his new idea, Arnold began his creative experiment in 1962.

The cast was carefully selected, by audition, whereas the first genre of the laws of ice circus were found later. Two years of selfless work by the production group, the operating personnel and forty-seven novice artists passed before the opening night of the first circus show which took place on October 16, 1964.

The first audiences and even circus experts were amazed by the transformation of the habitual circus genres. Well known circus tricks combined with figure skating techniques made for surprising dynamics! And on top of that, new tricks were born! It should be pointed out that this was indeed an amusing show with a plot and dramatic parts of the main characters (musical comic actors and a clown), with carefully observed pace and rhythm, staged according to all the laws of the dramatic art and by means of circus turns.

The first tour abroad to Brussels Royal Circus in 1965 was a sensation. Since then the art of circus on ice has won world-wide recognition and occupied a niche in world show business. Unfortunately A. Arnold worked with his first group for a long period of, only seven years. He didn’t have time to implement all his plans but he succeeded in training his followers who continue to professionally develop this new kind of art – circus on ice.

At present the group of Moscow Circus on Ice continues to improve and enrich this beautiful art with new creative works, on its best traditions and guided by the precursors’ experience.

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