On October 16, the opening of the new creative season of the Miras Song and Dance Folk Ensemble was held at the City Palace of Culture. The concert program was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Bashkortostan and the upcoming World Folkloriad 2020. According to the ensemble’s press service, the creative team has prepared numbers that harmoniously combine the national flavor of Bashkir art and the cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia and world, has long been loved by viewers of the production and premiere of the season. The solemn event symbolically began with the choreographic composition “In a Single Family” and the song “Min Bashkort”.

The team presented new performances as part of the opening. The premiere of the Tatar folk song “Ay, whether it is glitch” was performed by the choir. The orchestra prepared the processing of the famous folk tune “Bashkort March”, where the solo part of the kurai was performed by Yulai Kasimov. The Honored Artist of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Venus Yulgildina, presented the audience with a patriotic song “Bashkortostan”. A virtuoso interpretation of Chilean melodies in kul-kubyz and kurai was presented by soloists Zalia Ganiatullina and Yulai Kasimov.

The first part of the concert was decorated with the best vocal-choreographic and solo compositions, revealing the beauty of the cultural heritage of the peoples living in our multinational republic. The ensemble presented vocal and choreographic compositions “Ringing of Russia”, “Olgor” (“Nimble”) and “Ilkayem”. The choir and soloists performed the songs “Shadow over the Water”, “Our Home Russia” and the Mari “Mom Tynare Vucyktet”. The famous “Karelian-Finnish polka” was performed by the Ensemble of Russian Folk Instruments “Fun”.

In the second part of the concert dedicated to the World Folkloriad – 2020, guests saw the famous vocal and choreographic compositions “Bashkort balls” and the Jewish “Hava Nagila”. Ballet dancers successfully performed the Argentinean Malambo dance, the Kazakh female lyric dance Ak Kayyndar, the Turkish Silivke dance and the Cossack male dance Udaltsy. The enchanting end of the evening was the large-scale production of “Juas” that was loved by the viewer.

Grandly opening the creative season, the Miras Song and Dance Ensemble came to grips with preparations for a trip to Chile. In late October – early November, as part of the meeting of the CIOFF General Assembly, the International Festfok Folk Festival will be held there.

Over the years, the ensemble, organically combining songs, dance and music, won the hearts of millions of spectators, winning love and recognition in Bashkortostan and far beyond. Through triumphal performances, Miras defended the honor of the republic on tours in France, Hungary, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Great Britain and other countries.