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Bashkir Ballet Theatre

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It is the dance that best of all reveals the soul of the people: its passion, character, concepts of beauty. Deeply thoughtful and professionally perfomed, it goes far beyond the ethnic art, becoming part of world heritage.

For enlightened people the title “academic” speaks volumes. It is the recognition of the company amid professional artistic world, fair evaluation of its perfo-mance and creative contribution into multinational culture.

Each dancer has thorough training, considerable expertise and broad stage experience. In the future there will be new dances and days of long and arduous practice. Only performers know how long one must practise off stage in order to create an illusion of ease in perfomances.

Spectators are not usually aware of those practised powers that dancers must develop. What is presented to spectators is a feast for the eye, exact lines of the dance and the mesmerizing rhythm.

Recent tours of ensemble have passed in 2004-2005 in Spain, Great Britain, Switzerland.

Book / Hire Shows