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For years, the Beryozka troupe was regarded as a trademark of the Russian culture; its artistry has won audiences in 80 countries. Its repertoire is rich and unique, consisting of round dances, comic dances, quadrilles, and sketches of Russian life.

Preserving our age-old national culture, the group allows its audiences to better understand the Russian soul, since “it personifies the stories of our people in their highly-professional dance performances”. A critic for the French newspaper Le Figaro once wrote, “It is better to see one concert by Beryozka than it is to read more than 200 books about Russia”.

The world-renowned Beryozka (Little Birch) Folklore Dance Ensemble creates sensations in different countries, earning storms of applause in packed houses all about the world. Their tours pass in triumph! The ensemble has preserved the theme of the traditional Russian love story, and is now going through a renaissance.

“Beryozka” dancers take your breath away with a floating pace and poetic beauty and gracefulness. The group’s current leader, Mira Koltsova, said, “Our compositions have long since become classics in the female lyric dance repertoire. Our ensemble has preserved the theme of the traditional Russian love story. There are so many beautiful teens, adults, and kids attending our concerts and they all say they experience a great catharsis through our performance”.

n 2008 the performers were dancing two jubilee programs – one to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the ensemble, and one – the hundredth anniversary of the birth of the ensemble’s founder, Nadezhda Nadezhdina. Her choreography of the “Maiden’s Round Dance” is the still the “calling-card” of the company. It casts a spell over the audience with its floating pace, poetic beauty, and gracefulness.

Book / Hire Shows