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Big Ballet

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A ballet like no other ever seen in the world. The Big Ballet, an ensemble of 16 Corps de Ballet dancers, each weighing no less than 220 pounds and united in a common cause; not to lose a single pound.

From Russia’s Ural mountains, the 2500 km-long region from where two of the ballet world’s pre-eminent geniuses Peter I. Tchaikovsky and Serge Diaghilev also hail, The Big Ballet formed in 1994 and set out to deliberately and, above all, self-confidently challenge accepted social standards in a world where the pursuit of slenderness and beauty seems obsessive.

The dancers courageously and imposingly prove that grace, elegance, charisma and nimbleness is not the demesne of the “thin”, proudly presenting their voluptuous yet surprisingly sinuous and flexible figures.

These ladies enchant their audiences with three different classical and modern ballet pieces in a hilarious comedy show full of fun and astonishing choreography, proving that you shouldn’t take life, or yourself, too seriously.

The Big Ballet presents unforgettable fantasy from the land of sultans, luxurious palaces and harems; shares the nomadic life of gypsies, full of vibrant colours, music, wild dances and freedom; experiences the whole range of love, both tenderly sweet and burning hot; to the little red dresses, high heels and red lips of the ladies with capital “L” who have a business of their own. The wonderful music complements the magic of the dancers perfectly and exudes optimism!

Book / Hire Shows