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Moscow Chamber Orchestra The Seasons

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“The Seasons” Orchestra is one of the brightest orchestras among those which have appeared in Moscow at the mid-nineties. Such factors as astonishing unity of the collective which interprets the compositions from various musical epochs and styles with equally mastership, careful treatment to author’s musical niceties, the riches of sound’s palette give the Orchestra particular feature.

In March, 1994 young and talented violinist Vladislav Bulakhov, the Gnesin Russian Academy of Music graduate, organized and headed new chamber orchestra. At the one of the opening performances in Great Hall of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory the Orchestra played Antonio Vivaldi’ Violin Concerts which presented the name to young collective. At the same time this name has embodied orchestra’ creative credo. Vladislav Bulakhov said: “The Seasons is wide conception as in life so in music. It implies the variety of impressions, themes, images, shapes; also life cycle’s stability and eternal renovation in endless course of time. It is so way out the sources and return to them”.

Burst into musical life of Moscow impetuously and brightly “The Seasons” Chamber Orchestra subjugated the public sympathy pretty quickly and conquered the professionals’ respect. In consequence of such rising since 1999 “The Seasons” has had the status of a state orchestra. So brilliantly it was valued by musical society especially for following: creative original, high concert activity, participation in season ticket of Moscow State Philharmonia and prestigious festivals such as “Viennese Evenings”, “Gold Epoch of Bow Art”, “Music of North European Countries”, “The history of Russian Piano Concert”, in memory of Y. Yankelevich, “Russian Winter”, “Russia’s Talents” e.c.

The orchestra’s expansive repertoire ranges from works by masters of the Baroque period to those of contemporary composers. There are more than 50 concerts in Moscow-city annualy, performances in the provinces, foreign tours, support of young musicians, charity, creative union with famous soloists, exclusive programs.

One of the most interesting orchestra’s projects became Festival-Gift “Lots years” dedicated to jubilee of Russian ballet legendary star — Maya Plisetskaya. With grandiose success this festival took place in November, 2005 in Moscow.

Another important stage for orchestra’s progress was the organization of its own music festival — International Music Festival “THE SEASONS”, which has been holding annualy in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnodar and Sochi.

Also since 2007 the Orchestra has been establishing Festival about Mozart music “Mozart! You are God…”.

Today “The Seasons” Chamber Orchestra consists of 20 graduates of Russia’s most prestigious musical academies and conservatoires. Each player strongly devoted to favorite vocation and could keep youthful enthusiasm and contagious energy. Hard joint working and the collaboration with famous musicians of genius helps them constantly to increase the level of creative goals.

Since 1995 “The Seasons” has had the tours in Germany, Taiwan, United Kingdom, China, Italy, France, Spain, Estonia, Ukraine, Georgia.
The Orchestra enjoins extensive press coverage, including newspapers, periodicals, television and radio, such as “Culture” TV, Radio Russia and Radio “Orpheus”.

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