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Russian Festival Ballet

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In 1989 the well-known ballet dancer Timur Faiziyev founded the RUSSIAN FESTIVAL BALLET Company. During the next thirty years the Company carried out more than 150 foreign tours hitting one thousand performances. Among the ballet played are SWAN LAKE, SLEEPING BEAUTY, NUTCRACKER, GISELLE, DON QUIXOTE, CINDERELLA, ROMEO and JULIET, MIDSUMMER NIGHT`S DREAM, CARMEN-SUITE.

The Company toured the following countries: Spain, Japan, Taiwan, Portugal, England, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, France, Malta, Turkey, China, Dubai and Ukraine. And not only the performances does the Company offer: it comes up with the variety of concert programs, as well.

In 1991 the Russian Festival Ballet Company was the only one from entire Russia to be engaged in the final tour performed by the legendary dancer and choreographer RUDOLF NURIEV abroad:England, Norway and Sweden. Starting from 1993 every year the company goes on tours to Japan. Its pedagogues instruct at Japan`s ballet schools and put joint skits and plays on stage. Japanese children perform together with young Russian dancers.

After twelve years of joint work the level of Japan`s ballet schools and their professionalism increased greatly. Those who contributed to the Company`s success in the first place were its own choreographers and pedagogues: they put Romeo and Juliet and Midsummer Night`s Dream on stage with Timur Fayziev as the artistic producer.

Next, the well-known ballet-master RADU POKLITARU was engaged to present the CARMEN-SUITE. He was the major awarder at international contests during the recent years and in December 2003 RADU POKLITARU put on Bolshoi`s stage the modern version of Romeo and Juliet. The Company produced Carmen-Suite in 2004-2005 and the ballet turned out to be unique, exciting and really fascinating performance.

In 2000 the Company`s Children Ballet was created. Productions MERMAID, RED HOOD, ALICE in the WONDERLAND and PETER PEN, were staged. In 2002 the Company established another filial group: MEN`s BALLET. Ballet-Parodies Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella were put on. In 2008 Timur Fayziev and “Russian Festival Ballet” were honoured diplomas commemorating the milestone: 1500( one thousand (and) five hundred) performance.

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