In October, an unforgettable performance awaits the Ukrainian public – masterpieces of modern choreography performed by the troupe of the Tbilisi State Opera and Ballet Theater under the guidance of the legendary Nino Ananiashvili will show in Kiev.
Masterpieces of modern choreography is a project of the production center of Alena Matvienko, known for her own ballet performances and the organization of tours of the world’s leading ballet companies with performances of the modern ballet school. In the program of the event in October, the ballets of the contemporary dance genius Jiri Kilian’s “Little Death”, “Six Dances” to Mozart’s music, “Fallen Angels” to the music of Stephen Reich and Sagalobeli directed by Yuri Posokhov based on Georgian folk songs performed by the group “ Changi. ”

“We strive to show our viewers the whole gamut of modern ballet, to immerse it in a global context. After all, the world of ballet, whether it is classical or modern, is relevant and diverse. The main thing for the viewer is to know what to watch, and for the producer – what to show. This time we are waiting for a meeting with Jiri Kilian, the choreographer who changed the modern ballet. He influenced the formation of a galaxy of choreographers who today personify the world of modern dance. Kilian’s works are recognized as masterpieces, leading theaters in the world compete for the right to include his performances in their repertoire, and each dancer dreams of performing his choreography at least once. In Kiev will be shown the most famous black and white ballets that brought him world recognition: Sechs Tänze (Six Dances), Petite Mort (Little Death), Falling Angels (Fallen Angels). I am happy that the Ukrainian audience can get acquainted with the famous productions. We already showed Kilian’s ballets in Kiev last season – the audience met them with full house and applause, today the legend is returning in triumph, ”commented on the upcoming event, Alena Matvienko, project producer.

In addition to Kilian’s ballets, the evening program includes the one-act ballet Sagalobeli specially created for the ballet troupe of the Tbilisi State Opera and Ballet Theater for Georgian folk music performed by the Changi group (changi is a Georgian string instrument).

Choreographer Yuri Posokhov tried to express his sense of Georgia and feelings for it. Imbued with the Georgian folklore spirit, the modern Sagalobeli ballet plastic became a kind of hallmark of The State Georgia Ballet.

The ballet troupe of the Tbilisi State Opera and Ballet Theater, led by the legendary Nino, has received recognition and appreciation from ballet lovers and professional critics around the world and has become international. Now, artists from the USA, Great Britain, Brazil, Israel, Japan, Korea, Ukraine, Slovakia, Slovenia, Russia and Georgia are dancing in it.

The masterpieces of modern choreography are 4 modern ballets, stylish monochrome aesthetics, a real world level of performance. Kilian’s ballets are a whirlwind of emotions: laughter from incomparable choreographic humor and goosebumps from sensuality and amazing plasticity. The perfect technique of dancers and incredible choreography will make the last two evenings of October truly warm, bright and unforgettable.