Igor Moiseyev State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble – Tango Del Plata

The Igor Moiseyev Folk Dance Ensemble is a high mark. Created in 1937, it is the first group that began to interpret folk dances, giving them theatricality and elements of classical ballet. As a result, a folklore-authentic performance is born on the stage, but very special in terms of choreography and costumes, which are also stylized as intended by the author. Tango Del Plata – the first big ballet, created after the death of the permanent leader of the ensemble.

For four weeks, the performance was staged by Argentine choreographer Laura Roatta, who created  tango productions  on the best stages of the world. The name of the play is the name of one of the largest rivers in South America “La Plata”. This river separates two countries and two tango capitals – Buenos Aires in Argentina and Montevideo in Uruguay. The dancers mastered the authentic plasticity of tango and brought their skills of Moiseyev dancers into it.Laura Roatta believes that Russian dancers are very similar in temperament to Argentinean ones, and their dance would have been enthusiastically accepted in the homeland of tango. Tango is a dance of passion between a man and a woman. Venusita will appear on the scene – a mythological character in the history of tango, possessing the ability to connect and separate people. The latitude of the Russian dance and the heat of the Latin American have merged in the performance and made a miracle. In the program, viewers will see “Dance Rock and Roll” and the favorite classics of the ensemble – “Dance of Sailors”