Delight, jubilation, admiration …

The audience experienced all these emotions during the performance of the Igor Moiseyev State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble, held on May 22 and 23 at the local Cultural Development Center.

The famous team brought Dances  of  Peoples of the World in Stary Oskol. This time, the program included new numbers from the huge, united by the general name of the cycle, which Igor Moiseyev began to create in 1945, after the first foreign tour of the ensemble (in Finland).

This time, the Stary Oskol audience saw the Estonian “Polka through the Leg”, the Belarusian dance “Yurochka”, the Greek dance suite “Sirtaki”, the Adyghe dance “Tlyapatet”, the Hungarian “Pontozo”, the Korean dance “Sanchonga”, the Venezuelan “Horopo” dance, Argentinean Gaucho shepherds. The visiting card of the ensemble, the Russian dance “Summer,” the Moses opened the program of the concert, and, in conclusion, the artists performed the famous and beloved “Yablochko”.

The hall died away in utter silence, without breathing, watched the smooth movements of the Adyghe beauties, laughed at the unlucky “Sly Mocanu”, imbued the rural life of a provincial town of the early twentieth century in the choreographic painting “Sunday”, unrestrainedly, to palm pain, applauded to the perturbative spirit of the theater. polka And it was reasonable to ask an inescapable question for oneself: does gravity exist for Moses? They seem to hover in the air above the stage, so light and easy are their movements.

Two years ago, the Igor Moiseyev Ensemble celebrated a great anniversary – 80 years of team building. Today, the seventh generation of Moses, who continues the traditions created and established by the great Master, follows his motto “Everyone learns everything!”.

The ensemble celebrated their anniversary with a new staging – a 25-minute choreographic performance “Tango Del Plata” staged by Argentine choreographer Laura Roatta, who introduced the elements of modern choreography into tango. The premiere was a great success, the concert hall named after PI. Tchaikovsky, in his native stage, where Igor Moiseev staged all his 300 pieces (the rehearsal base of the Igor Moiseyev ensemble since 1940 is located in the PI Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, which was completed thanks to the efforts of Igor Alexandrovich Moiseyev.