Brilliance, skill and amazing tango – this is how the performance of the famous Igor Moiseyev Folk Dance Ensemble at the Bolshoi Theater can be described. This year, the collective’s concerts are timed to the 50th anniversary of the director Elena Shcherbakova’s creative activity.

On one of the most recognized scenes of Russia, artists opened the performance with their masterpieces. The program was attended by the Russian dance “Summer”, as well as numbers from Greek, Italian, Kalmyk folklore. Then a mini-performance on the dramatic work “Carmen” took place, reports “MK”.

In the repertoire of the ensemble, one of the most desired numbers was Tango del Plata – a choreographic picture, the first after the death of maestro Igor Moiseyev. She put the Argentine Laura Roatta, previously worked with outstanding choreographers, such as Maurice Bejart, John Neumayer, Martha Graham. For over 40 years, she has admired the Russian ensemble and even showed elements of tango to Igor Moiseyev. The collaboration of the choreographer resulted in the brilliant “Tango del Plata”, which consists of seven parts.

It goes back to authentic Argentine dance, conveying the gamut of emotions of the mythical goddess Venusina. The performers danced a duet, five of us, in a group, varying the tango with elements of a waltz, a nocturne.

The audience appreciated the atmosphere and professionalism of the ensemble.  Artists are constantly striving to conquer new creative frontiers, demonstrating their art in Russia and abroad.