26 multi-genre numbers, about 100 talented artists from all over the world – the Belarusian State Circus formed the program of the 2nd Minsk International Festival of Circus Arts, which will be held from September 19 to September 22. Belarus is waiting for participants not only from neighboring Russia and Ukraine, but also from Brazil, Chile, China, Australia, Ethiopia, Israel, China, Romania, Moldova and Kazakhstan.

– Artists of the Rosgostsirk, the Great Moscow State Circus and the Moscow Nikulin Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, who have a very high performing level, will come. The Russians will present “Counter Swings”, where girls in beautiful ball gowns will work – this is a fascinating spectacle. Sergey Nesterov will perform with trained white tigers, which will show filigree work with animals without whips and bayonets, said the Belarusian State Circus director Vladimir Shaban. – Israel will also bring two numbers, one of which will be performed by the 18-year-old aerial gymnast Alisa Schechter from the Dorato circus in Ashdod, and the second will be just a fantastic number with the transformation of outfits in one second by Daniel Benyamin.

Artists of the Belarusian State Circus will take part in the creative competition: young talented aerial gymnasts Anastasia Donchenko and Anastasia Putyato, Dmitry and Bogdan Kazakov with a power attraction (raising the logs with their teeth is only a small part of what strength brothers can do) and Boris Lazarov with trained ones camels and llamas.