For 15 consecutive years, the Kostroma National Show of Russia has continued its fascinating acquaintance of Moscow viewers with the multinational culture of our country.

About the unique, large-scale project, which is very popular among viewers of different ages and nationalities, says producer Shaw, founder and president of the Russian National Ballet Kostroma, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation Elena Tsarenko.

“The National Show of Russia“ Kostroma ”is a unique project that presents the history of a multinational state in a play about Great Russia and the life of its peoples. You will not read about it on the pages of textbooks and in the notes of tourist guides.

Through the brilliant scenic incarnations, one can see the entry of Christianity into Russia, the era of tsarist and pre-revolutionary Russia, the first manned flight into space and the famous Russian ballet. As if a view from a window, the country expanses from the Caucasus Mountains to the Asian steppes, the Arctic Ocean and the Black Sea, the beauty – the Volga River and the mighty Yenisei. Together with them, people, their way of life, traditions and, of course, religions are changing.

This year, the project “National Show of Russia” Kostroma “is  15. For 11 years, performances about the Great History of the Great Country have welcomed guests in the Cosmos large concert hall. Since 2016, the “National Show of Russia“ Kostroma ”has been held at the Russian Song Folklore Theater

These are 50 artists on stage, this is a virtuoso technique and great acting, these are 17 stage reincarnations, the latest technologies … These are 10 tons of cargo, 600 unique costumes, 300 items of props, 7 changes of scenery, animated pictures of a video projection, heavy smoke, starry sky handmade amulets, national shoes, drums, yarara, magic box and dancing horse, throat singing and imitative sounds of birds …

– Spectators of the National Show, who are they?

– The answer to this question I want to start with the fact that the 15th season is 15 years – 45 months – 1390 days – 1360 performances – 1360 bows – more than 1,000,000 spectators from dozens of countries. Muscovites and guests of the capital, royal people, prominent figures in the world of politics, culture and art, children and their parents, youth and the elderly. The performance unites everyone!

In the hall there are often people of conflicting political views, different social status and social status – after the curtain is closed, they dance, hug, sing “Kostroma” and take pictures for memory.

In 2 hours of presentation, regardless of age and nationality, they manage to experience thousands of shades of positive feelings – from children’s delight and joy to bright love and lyrical sadness.

Each of them becomes a witness to the historical events of the Russian state, where paintings of the great past come to life in dance stories about the main eras of the country, about its heroes, unshakable traditions and fairy tales …

– “The National Show of Russia“ Kostroma ”is the brainchild of the“ Russian National Ballet “Kostroma”. Tell us about the ballet? What is its story?

– “The Russian National Ballet” Kostroma “was founded in 1991 in the city of Kostroma – is a professional choreographic collective of the Russian Federation working in the genre of traditional folk art, -” An object of cultural heritage of the Kostroma region “, – the creator of its own professional base of the choreographic college” Provincial Ballet School ” .

“The Russian national ballet“ Kostroma ”gives more than 150 recitals per year. In its tour list of 200 cities of Russia, 30 countries of the world, 45 international tours, more than 3000 performances and 11 dance programs.

The rich historical past of the city of Kostroma, the cradle of the Romanov clan, laid the foundation for the work of the RNBK, endowing its repertoire with a unique style, saturated with the power of the folk spirit and traditions of Russian ballet. It is no coincidence that the team’s symbol is a bunch of ballet slippers and Russian bast shoes.

The ballet has repeatedly represented Russia at the international state level: tours within the framework of the Year of Russia in France and France in Russia, Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk, Russian Winter in London, Green Week 2013 in Berlin, Summer Garden of Arts in Bari, Eurovision in Moscow, an exhibition of national treasures in Havana, an exhibition of innovative achievements of Russia in Madrid, the opening of the Year of Tourism of Russia and China in Beijing, the opening of the 126th session of the International Olympic Committee in Sochi, the International Army Games and Tank Biathlon …

– And how was the Kostroma brand born? Did geographical affiliation play a key role?

– Partly, of course, it is. Initially, we had many variations of the name of the Show. We listened to different opinions, to demand in the Moscow market. The word “Kostroma” became larger, now smaller, now paler, now brighter. Today on posters it is highlighted in red.