The Igor Moiseyev’s   State Academic Dance Ensemble, comes to Israel again and will perform with a vivid program on the stage of the Tel Aviv Opera House. Spectators will be presented with the Israeli premieres of the ballet “Tango Del Plata” and “Rock and Roll” and, of course, Igor Moiseyev’s iconic works – “Dance of the Sailors”, dances of the peoples of the world and much more, without which it is impossible to imagine a single performance “ Moiseevites. ” Each visit of this collective becomes a great holiday not only for ballet lovers, but also for all those who cannot be indifferent to real art with a capital “Art of Igor Moiseyev”.

It’s all the more interesting, even intriguing, that the program of these tours includes the production of “Tango Del Plata”, the noisy premiere of which took place in Moscow in June 2018 – a ballet in which traditions and the avant-garde come together, both on stage and in musical terms, the history of tango from the origins of the genre to the present day. Choreographer Laura Roatta, invited from Argentina specifically to create this program, chose a female character for her production – Venusina, who belongs to the creative mythology of Piazzolla and is a symbol of tango. Astor Piazzolla and composer Horacio Ferrer were two of the greatest geniuses, whose creative tandem transformed the music of the 20th century, then spread around the world. According to Horacio Ferrera, Venusina invented tango and was endowed with the magical ability to determine the fate of lovers, predetermine feelings and relationships, experience lovers, control their destinies and connect hearts. A mysterious stranger opens the veil of secrecy: here it is – the world of tango in all the variety of colors, feelings, emotions.

Venusina will accompany both dancers and spectators in all the various styles of tango, where men and women meet, experiencing their love stories: very romantic, very passionate, tormented by jealousy and rivalry, to meet at the end of the road in Buenos Aires in a whirlpool of city life.

“Tango Del Plata” is the first big work staged in the ensemble after the departure of Igor Alexandrovich Moiseev in 2007. The production is also unique in that the troupe mastered the new choreographic technique, relying on the basic elements of the Moses school of folk stage dance. The idea to invite choreographer Laura Roatta from Argentina to create the Tango Del Plata program belongs to the artistic director of the ensemble, Elena Scherbakova, who visited this country together with the ensemble back in 1977, when 7,000 people came to see the Moiseyevs every evening. Then Laura Roatta was still a student at the Colon Theater in Buenos Aires, then she again met with the ensemble in 1988 and introduced Igor Moiseev to the main tango movements. Since then, Laura Roatta worked with Bejart, with Martha Graham, with John Neumeier, but when she returned to Buenos Aires, she realized that there is nothing better than tango, and was able to combine the best that modern ballet gives and the best, delightful and mystical, what is in tango.

As for the Rock and Roll issue, it is known that Igor Moiseev planned to show this number in the USSR in 1961, immediately after the ensemble’s first tour in the USA. But in order to circumvent the censorship framework, he put on a rock and roll parody and called it “Back to the Monkey.” The satirical hint did not hide the tricks of this dance, and therefore the party curators recommended that Moses forget about the American “satire”. Nevertheless, the choreographer dragged rock and roll onto the stage – under the guise of devils and witches dancing in “Night on the Bald Mountain”, which did not stop this number from gaining immense success for names in the USA when Igor Moiseyev brought his “Rock and Roll” »To America as part of another foreign tour in the 70s of the last century.

After Igor Moiseyev passed away in 2013, his Ensemble resumed this work, the original dance itself, and today Rock and Roll, is included in the permanent repertoire and is shown accompanied by a jazz band on stage.

Igor Moiseyev State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble has come on tour in Israel many times. The name of this legendary folk dance troupe is so significant, it has absorbed so much in 82 years of its existence, that, it seems, there is nothing to add. Only tell the dates and place of the tour: from September 17 to September 20, 2019 at the Tel Aviv Opera House.

For the first time, the ensemble came to Israel in 1989 – and instead of the originally planned three weeks, it performed here for a month and a half. Each time, Igor Aleksandrovich Moiseev himself came along with the troupe: many remember how he lit the candles of huge Hanukkah on the stage of Tel Aviv-based Heikhal Ha-Tarbut. But time is running out: twelve years have passed since the death of this great choreographer, whose legendary personality is emphasized by all his colleagues and students, continuing the work of the “master”, preserving the continuity and traditions of the ensemble.

Throughout the years of its existence, the team has not known defeat. A new program specially prepared for this year’s tour will be shown in Israel. In total, 80 dancers from the main composition of the Moiseev ensemble will perform on the stage of Tel Aviv.

Moiseev joked that his life is easier to compile a guidebook than a biography. The ensemble has repeatedly visited more than 60 countries of the world. For a record number of tours, he is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. This collective is not stopped by either social or political regimes. It is difficult to determine the exact number of dances staged by Igor Moiseyev, because often, by the will of the choreographer, miniatures grew into suites, dance paintings into one-act ballets. In total, the ensemble’s repertoire includes about 300 original works staged by Igor Moiseyev. The troupe consists of dozens of highly professional dancers and actors who can change their images on stage in a matter of minutes. The average age of the dancers is 25 years old, and almost all of them are graduates of the world’s first professional folk dance school at the Igor Moiseyev State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble, created by the choreographer in 1943. Also part of the history of the ensemble are unusual costumes. Dancers swirl across countries of the world, instantly changing national costumes and transforming into different images.

The famous New York ballet criticess Anna Kiselgof claimed that Moisevites made the whole world take a fresh look at the dance in general and folk dances in particular, appreciate their brightness and theatricality. Moiseev created an encyclopedia of folk dances, putting numbers on folk dances of more than 300 nationalities. Moiseev’s genius is that he came up with a new genre – folk dances on stage at a high artistic and theatrical level, performed by professional ballet dancers with classical training (Moiseev himself went the same way). In the rooms of the ensemble everything is honed, brought to perfection. His dancers dance like one man. The richness, beauty, and the very heart of the dance is something that Israeli spectators will see very soon – in September 2019 in the new two-hour program of the Moiseev ensemble “Tango Del Plata”.

As the director of the ensemble Elena Shcherbakova notes: “There is no choreographer close to Moiseyev and will not be in the next 200 years. A choreographer equal to Moiseyev must be born, this cannot be learned. And he has no successors – just as Pushkin or Tolstoy could not have them. The program that we bring to Israel is very complex, but at the same time very simple. For 82 years, the ensemble has been asked the question: “How do you do so easily and well?” The program of our next tour will answer all questions better than any publications. ”

The two-hour program will also feature such iconic works by Igor Moiseyev as the Russian dance “Summer”, the suite of Greek dances “Sirtaki”, the Moldavian comic dance “Tabacareasca”, the suite of Mexican dances “Sapateo” and “Avalulco”, the dance of the Argentine shepherds “Gaucho” , a fragment of the naval suite “Day on the ship” – “Bullseye” and much more.

Performances will take place:

September 17, Tuesday, 20:00
September 18, Wednesday, 20:00
Thursday 19th September, 20:00
September 20, Friday, 13:00 and 21:00