Waltz “Beryozka”, round dance “Rechenka”, “Kalinka”, square dance “Khokhloma bench”, “Russian dance with a scarf”, “Festive dance”, “Carousel” and many other ensemble numbers are known and loved by spectators of different generations. “At the center of any of our work,” said the founder of the ensemble, N.S. Nadezhdina, “be it a lyrical dance or a fun dance – a poetic image of a Russian girl … We want to reflect the purity and grandeur of Russian folk art as brightly as possible.”

For 70 years, “Beryozka” was able to become a reference personification of the classical Slavic dance culture, gained worldwide fame and toured the globe around the world, winning the hearts of spectators of different nationalities and collecting unchanged notices. The unique dance movements listed in the Guinness Book of Records, grandiose numbers, honed professionalism and sincere love for the artists of the ensemble in their work leave no one indifferent. In honor of the anniversary, the team began a large world tour with the full ensemble, in which the best numbers for all the years of the existence of “Beryozka” are waiting for the audience. The concert will take place on November 7 on the stage of the Palace of the Republic.