The festival “Russian Seasons” continues in Germany; it represents Russian culture to foreign audiences. On August 13, the Academic Chamber Orchestra of Russia under the direction of Alexei Utkin will perform in Hamburg. The rehearsal was attended by Yana Mira.

Bach Suite No. 1, 29th Mozart Symphony. The State Academic Chamber Orchestra of Russia performed these works more than once. And yet, on the eve of the upcoming concert, the musicians are very worried. This time they will play Austrian and German music in Germany.

In the recent history of the team, after it was headed by Alexei Utkin, this is the first big foreign performance. So the tour, which is part of the program “Russian Seasons”, open for musicians a new chapter in life. Feel responsible.

“Compared to what we played for Muscovites, there are certain changes. We have Alexei Yuryevich now on the weekend thinking. His ideas ripened. I do not know how the German public will accept our interpretation of Bach. Because we never played Bach’s music for the Germans, ”said Ilya Pashintsev, accompanist of the cello group of the State Academic Chamber Orchestra of Russia.

Alexei Utkin says: there is a competent public, there is a very competent, and there is a German one. In this country, indeed, there are many orchestras – in almost every city. The conductor believes, presenting his own musical interpretation, the most important thing is to be convincing: “I perceive German music the way I perceive it. I don’t want to play her the way the Germans play, say. And believe me, there are no two identical conductors in Germany who would equally interpret Mozart or Bach. ”

The “Russian Seasons” in Germany represent not only metropolitan names. This year the program includes teams from 19 regions of Russia.

“With our help, teams sometimes discover the Western audience, the Western market. And after the “Russian Seasons” leave this or that country, their tours there only continue and increase, because now we show the German audience some regional collective, and the next year, when we see this collective, German producers or German sites invite him themselves on a commercial basis, ”said Alexei Lebedev.

“Russian Seasons” of the 21st century revive Diaghilev’s traditions. But the program now includes not only opera and ballet.

“Everything. And this is the uniqueness of the Russian Seasons project. Because in Germany we represent almost all genres of our culture. Starting from animation, ending with modern feature films, ending with art exhibitions from both museum collections and graduates of our academies. And theatrical productions. And modern theatrical productions, and musicals, and jazz, ”says Alexei Lebedev, director of the ANO Russian Seasons.

For Germany, they prepared a special folklore program. The following year, “Russian Seasons” are sent to France. And in 2021 – in both Korea.