The stars of world figure skating have arrived in Almaty and have already commenced the rehearsals of a grandiose show dedicated to the memory of the famous Kazakhstani Denis Ten.

According to the organizers, fans will find a bewitching and very moving performance with acrobatic numbers and aerialists. The participants of the show once performed with Denis at international competitions, were rivals on ice, but in life they were united by strong friendship.  Denis’s Friends show invites all figure skating enthusiasts on July 20 to the Almaty Arena.  At the “Almaty Arena” are the last preparations for a colorful show. On ice, a song is performed by Denis Ten himself. Famous skaters rehearse a mass number, which will open a great performance. It is always very difficult, director Igor Bobrin and choreographer Natalya Bestemyanova admit. Today they are not by chance here, because it was this famous couple who once invited Denis for the first time on a tour to South Korea. The organizers hoped that the bronze medalist of the Olympic Games would become part of the project – the ice miniature theater. Igor Bobrin, stage director: – Why did I agree to come here because I internally understood from the people who organize this idea that this would not be some kind of mourning event. It will not be just a memorial day for the great athlete. It will be a joyful day and, probably, this is the only right decision, because people remembered Denis as a very charming, very cheerful, very open person and would like to transfer all his energy to the ice in this show. The dancing couple Caitlin Weaver and Andrew Poget received an invitation to participate in Denis’s show more than once, but because of the intense competition schedule they managed to become part of the fairy tale on ice only last year. And this time, the skaters will perform under the famous song “S.O.S. d’un terrain ”performed by another Kazakhstan legend Dimash Kudaibergen. With this free program, Denis performed at one of the major starts. Caitlin Weaver, Canadian skater: – I think Denis was an artist to the core. He created so much. Figure skating is only part of his life. He made music, wrote scripts and poems. He was the ambassador of Kazakhstan, not only for skaters, but for all people. I will never forget with what passion Denis did everything. He cared a lot about people. He did not care how you feel. As the organizers and the athletes themselves emphasize, the Denis Friends ice show, which will be held on July 20 at the Almaty Arena, is not only a tribute to the Kazakhstan skater, but also an opportunity to show everything that he gave the world of figure skating. Demonstrate all that beauty of Denis’s soul, which has always been so kind to all of its numbers and presented the most vivid performances on ice.