International music festival Sharq Taronalari opened in Samarkand

The International Music Festival “Sharq Taronalari” – “Melodies of the East” has opened in Samarkand. For five days, a grandiose show is unfolding in the central square of the city under the open sky – singers, dancers and musicians from all over the world gathered at it.

In the shade of trees, hiding from the scorching Samarkand sun, musicians warm up their instruments. Outdoor play for these ancient strings, percussion, winds – the stress is huge. This is eve – an instrument invented before our era, made from pine, apricot and fish skin. The materials are unusual, the sound is unique.

“This instrument is difficult to play. Fingers and eyes hurt. In the cold, musical tones get higher, in the heat – much lower, and the strings burst. Now, on the street, plus 35 is comfortable, ”explained musician Jahongir Jagbaraliev.

And this is the tradition of South Korea – mine – a folk song, in the performance of which soulfulness is more important than virtuosity.

“For centuries, these songs have been passed from mouth to mouth and performed in different ways. Usually they were sung in rice fields to brighten up the hard work. So, singing in the open air is a tradition. True, in such an area as the Registan, it is rather unusual and rather complicated, sounds should reach both heaven and the soul of people, ”said musician Moon Sangsok.

The same age as Rome – Samarkand, once the capital of the Tamerlane empire, is a significant point on the Great Silk Road. These days Samarkand has again become a center uniting different peoples and cultures. Representatives of 78 countries came to the festival. For the first time, musicians from Argentina, Myanmar, Fiji take part. Today, a “melting pot” is not in fashion, artists say. In the 21st century, people are interested in their roots. Studying traditions and culture in detail, which is reflected in the appearance.

“I am from the small Kingdom of Bhutan, which has rather unusual national clothes. I wear it all the time – it’s part of my story, part of me. I’m a music teacher, and today my students, looking at me, want to repeat my style, ”says musician Jigme Drukpa.

“This, indeed, is a real genuine ancient culture that magnetically attracts representatives of other cultures and countries, and, of course, the policy of the current leadership of Uzbekistan, which is set up for such a very powerful collaboration with the whole world, I very much welcome it and I think that this very right, ”said Vladimir Tolstoy, adviser to the President of Russia on culture.

A unique architectural ensemble – Registan – the main site of the festival. Music in such scenery is like a revived oriental tale. The Samarkand Biennale of Traditional Art is held in Uzbekistan every two years under the auspices of UNESCO.

“Thanks to the festival, Samarkand attracts people from all over the world not only with the atmosphere of the legendary city, but also with the enchanting oriental melodies that sound here these days. For almost a quarter century, this forum has opened dozens of names of talented artists. But the most important thing is a platform for dialogue between different civilizations, countries and peoples, ”said President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

“Samarkand personifies the power of the great state of Amir Temur, and the Registan square reflects the heyday of Mirzo Ulugbek. This heritage has attracted scientists, artisans, and artists for centuries. The development of musical art as a universal language of intercultural dialogue is part of UNESCO’s tasks, and the organization seeks to develop full-scale cooperation with Uzbekistan, ”added UNESCO Director General Audrey Azule.

Meetings, concerts, forums, and of course, tours of one of the oldest cities in the world – Sharq Taronalari – one of the most exciting cultural events in the Central Asian region.