Traditionally, at the beginning of the theater season, the National Opera of Ukraine invites viewers to see the pearls of Ukrainian classics – the ballet “Forest Song” (September 3) and the opera “Zaporozhets beyond the Danube” (September 4). Both performances are significant, with a deep meaning and high-quality stage embodiment, they look in one breath and will not leave anyone indifferent.

This year marks 85 years since the opera Zaporozhets beyond the Danube was first shown on the stage of the National Opera. Now the production of the opera “Zaporozhets beyond the Danube” is in the new stage and musical editions created by the main director of the theater Anatoly Solovyanenko and composer Miroslav Skorik.

The main artist of the theater, Maria Levitskaya, specially created for this performance more than 250 costumes and almost 3000 square meters of painting.

In addition, the stage performance is enriched with a number of choreographic compositions, which were staged by the artistic director of the ballet troupe of the theater Aniko Rekhviashvili.

The ballet “Forest Song” is no less significant. It is the pearl of Ukrainian national classical choreography created by the outstanding choreographer Vakhtang Vronsky. Since 1958, this performance has been one of the visiting cards of the National Opera of Ukraine.

The poetic fabulousness of the plot of “Forest Song”, filled with deep philosophical generalizations, leaves no one indifferent. The love story of Lukash, a simple rural guy endowed with the heart of a dreamer, and Mavka, a fantastic forest girl personifying the beauty of life and nature, echoes the traditional plots of ballet classics – the ballet La Sylphide and Giselle.

For the long stage history of the ballet, the leading parties in it were performed by the best Ukrainian dancers. In the nearest production, the ballet troupe artists National Opera will also conquer the audience with their skill.