The premiere of “Mr. Georg Ots” took place at Helikon Opera
The image of the great singer and artist Georg Ots (1920-1975) was “virtually” recreated on stage by the Moscow Helikon Opera Theater, presenting on Wednesday the premiere of the musical performance Mr. Georg Ots. The main parts were performed by Estonian and Russian masters of the opera stage – soloists of the Estonian Opera and Helikon Opera.

There are no “live” figures of Ots himself on the scene, however, as TASS told the director of the play “Helikon-opera” Dmitry Bertman, “he is still present, although invisibly, because for us the main character is time and circumstances, in which Georg Ots lived and worked. ”

Indeed, in the performance shown in the framework of the program of the festival “See Music”, the music that really surrounds the hero sounds, the arias and songs that Ots sang (his recordings are played during the performance), finally, there are people who were in touch with him, who were really close or imposed circumstances and authority.

The Estonian soloist Rene Soom performed the main part – the “biographer” of the singer, and another representative of the Estonian opera school – Haley Veskus – embodied a fan of Ots on stage; People’s Artist of Russia Natalya Zagorinskaya sang the part of the opera singer Teresa Stratas who was unrequitedly in love with Ots, and Alexei Isaev, his “curator” from the KGB. The honored artist of the Russian Federation Larisa Kostyuk, who sang the part of Seniors Abbati, Ksenia Lisanskaya (played the part of the second wife of Ots Asta) and Maya Barkovskaya (the part of supermodel Ilona Noor, the third and last wife of the singer), were not inferior to them on stage. Behind the conductor’s console was the main conductor of Helikon Valery Kiryanov.