State Academic Ensemble named after Fayzi Gaskarov  have shown dances from Bashkiria in St. Petersburg.
Choreographer and choreographer Fayzi Gaskarov is a student and follower of the legendary Igor Moiseev. In his youth, Fayzi was an artist of his ensemble. And the master himself once blessed a young talented dancer to create his own ensemble.

“Gaskarov was traveling from Moscow to Ufa with a clear understanding of what he would do,” says Natalia Toriashvili, director of the Diaghilev International Center.- On the way home he mentally created numbers, imagined what he would do. This became the meaning of his life.

That was 80 years ago. From 1939 to 1970, Gaskarov worked (with short breaks) as the artistic director of the Bashkir State Folk Dance Ensemble, which later received his name. And wears it with pride.

“This is an original, amazing ensemble,” says Natalia Toriashvili. – The first, which carefully preserves its national history, and also develops the dances of the peoples of the world.

The ensemble brings the program “Dance is the soul of the people” to St. Petersburg. In the first section, Petersburgers were shown folk dances of Bashkiria – this is the golden national fund of the republic. Many of these numbers were staged by Gaskarov himself: Zarifa, Gulnazira, Friendship, Three Brothers, Baik, Zagida, Seven Girls, Mischievous Women, Northern Cupids and others

The second section will be devoted to dances of the peoples of the world. Argentina, Belarus, America, Russia – they will not forget anyone. “Country” will be replaced by “Tver festivities”, “Gaucho” – “Kalinka”. There will be dances of small nations, for example, “Kamchatka sketches” – Koryak dance.