The “floating” step and folk rivers were shown on the stage in Sochi

On the stage of the festival hall in Sochi, the state academic choreographic ensemble BERYOZKA showed its new program. It included well-known dance compositions with traditional costumes, as well as restored productions.

Not only the female group of the ensemble performed, but also the male one, which showed the comic numbers “Prohodka”, “Bachelors” and “Jokers”. All dance compositions were performed to the music of such composers as Evgeny Kuznetsov, Viktor Temnov and others.

As the audience noted in the conversation, they like the ensemble “Beryozka” because of their folk costumes and the transmission of national character in dance.

Recall that the ensemble “Beryozka” was created in 1948 by the choreographer Nadezhda Nadezhdina. Her girl dance “In the field stood a birch” became a song known to many. This was achieved thanks to the “floating” step and other creative techniques of the team.