Georgian National Ballet “Sukhishvili” will perform in Riga

“The Eighth Wonder of the World” – this is how the international press dubbed the Sukhishvili ensemble. The ensemble’s repertoire includes dances of various ethnic groups of Georgia, as well as theatrical dramatic performances with musical accompaniment on Georgian folk instruments.

100 dancers and 2500 costumes, an amazing orchestra and unique instruments, a unique atmosphere and exceptional Georgian energy.

Millions of viewers around the world wait for  their performances. And their dance challenges the laws of gravity.

The National Ballet Show of Georgia has no analogues. For 3 generations, the dynasty has been leading the ballet, passing on to its descendants both national and family traditions and experience, reviving the culture of Georgian dance, which has become a world-famous phenomenon. They influence the world fashion, they make films and write books about them.

For many years, Sukhishvili has been gathering full halls, the legendary La Scala and countless other world venues have applauded them. They admire the technique of their dance and the accuracy of their movements, and the unique stage images evoke delight!

The famous Georgian collective – the National Folk Dance Ensemble named after Sukhishvili – was founded in 1945 by the spouses Iliko Sukhishvili and Nino Ramishvili.

It was the first professional ensemble in Georgia. Before its occurrence, folk dance as such did not exist and, thanks to the Sukhishvili family, folk dance art is developing. Already in 1948, the team successfully toured in Europe. He was then called the “eighth wonder of the world.” Today, the well-known collective is led by the third generation of the choreographic dynasty.

At the beginning, the troupe consisted of 35 people, today 100 dancers are already going on tour. Current ballet leaders are trying to make the concert program more modern. However, the key to the ensemble’s repertoire is still the famous finger dance – one of the symbols of Georgian culture.

The Georgian National Ballet has made over 200 international tours in its history, having traveled across five continents and 88 countries, giving about 10,000 concerts to a global audience of 50 million spectators. In 1988, their four-week tour on Broadway was declared the “best show of the season.” In Australia, Georgian dancers proclaimed the “eighth wonder of the world.” And in the La Scala theater, after the performance, the curtain was raised 14 times.