Russian State Circus – 100! Nikulin Circus dedicated a gala performance to the anniversary

This year, Russian circus art marks an important date – 100 years ago, all the country’s circuses became state ones. Nikulin Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard dedicated a festive performance to the anniversary.

In the foyer of the circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, there are stars of various spheres. It seems that guests from all over the world have come to congratulate the state circuses of our country on the centenary.

“I am here today because I love the circus. And the Russian circus is part of the story, he presented us with many great artists. I really like Popov, he was a great clown, and, of course, a pencil, ”said Chaplin’s son Eugene Chaplin.

“Here in Paris, the audience loves your circus very much. You are the best, you know? You have the best circus school in the world. Artists do fantastic things, ”said Thierry Utrilla, director of the Moulin Rouge.

Opening the gala performance, Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky noted that this school began to take shape much earlier. He says: “Today is a special holiday – the centenary of the birth of the state circus. Of course, the circus was born much earlier, the circus has a long history. He appeared naturally. In Russia, there have always been traditions of street theater, street acrobats, buffoons. Of course, this is not the centenary of birth, but rather, the coming of age of the circus. ”

To mark this date, the show was prepared for several months, thinking over the image for everyone who goes to the arena.

“Artists from the former Soviet republics came here, who have not seen each other since the collapse of the USSR, they worked together all their lives. Can you imagine what it is for them? The clowns who made up the glory of our circus will work here – Anatoly Marchesky, clown May, Andryusha Nikolaev, Yura Kuklachev, who has not worked in the circus for 20 years, ”said Maxim General Director and Artistic Director of the Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard Maxim Nikulin.

Eugene Maykhrovsky introduced his friend Phil to the public. Yuri Kuklachev returned to the image in which he worked in the Soviet circus. Especially for the festive performance, the famous Kio illusion apparatus was recreated. And the continuity and development of the circus today was clearly demonstrated by representatives of large circus dynasties.