On October 12, the only concert in Volgograd will be given by the famous Russian group – the Igor Moiseyev Folk Dance Ensemble, which without exaggeration has become a brand of Russian culture.

Spectators from different countries do not get tired of wondering how easily and harmoniously the ensemble combines the spontaneity of folk dance and the severity of academic manner, humor and high pathetics, all sorts and types of dances. Changes in tastes, fashions and styles, artistic and political addictions, Igor Moiseyev Ballet – a value beyond time and space.

The world’s first professional folk dance group was created by the legendary choreographer Igor Moiseyev in 1937. The ensemble’s repertoire includes more than 200 dances of the peoples of the world. In whatever country of the world the ensemble performs, each spectator will find something close for himself that will affect his soul – a high epos, colorful pictures of everyday life, humor and sadness.

– The folk dance ensemble named after Igor Moiseyev demonstrates not only traditional impeccable craftsmanship, but also the desire to develop, conquer new creative lines. We at Gazprombank observe with great admiration the success of the Ensemble and are very proud of our partnership, ”said Elena Falkova, representative of the Bank. – Under the leadership of the tireless Elena Shcherbakova, the legendary team in 2018 carried out new productions, triumphantly conducted tours in many countries from Italy to Mongolia.