The legendary State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble named after Igor Moiseev last Saturday gave a concert in Volgograd. This illustrious team evokes the ardent love of spectators all over the world, and Volgograd residents are no exception.

The hall began to applaud almost from the first stage, as soon as the dancers entered the stage with their first number – the famous Russian dance “Summer”. Then absolutely every dance was accompanied by a standing ovation, chanting, shouting: “Bravo!” And “Well done!”. Several times – after the choreographic picture of Del Plata, the dance of the Argentine shepherds “Gaucho” and the final Jewish suite “Family Joys” – the dancers had to repeat fragments of encore numbers, they did not want to let them go.

Temperamental Korean and Venezuelan dances, the exquisite Kalmyk “Trio”, the virtuoso suite of Greek dances “Sirtaki”, the famous sailor “Yablochko” caused thunderous applause and cries of delight.

The ensemble was created in 1937 by the great choreographer and choreographer Igor Moiseyev. This is the first professional choreographic collective in the world that interprets and popularizes the dance folklore of the peoples of the world. Spectators around the world admire Igor Moiseyev Ballet with admiration. The team collects constant sold out. So it was in Volgograd.

People of different generations came to see the performance of their favorite artists, there were many young people. Warmly accepting the gold fund of the heritage of Igor Moiseyev, the Volgograd audience reacted with great interest to the announced premiere of the choreographic picture Del Plata, the new work of Moiseyev. The unusual production did not leave anyone indifferent.

Luxurious and unusual tango. The dance, electrified by passion, bewitched the hall. Mystical charm was given to him by the appearance of the tango keeper Venusina. The composition began as a purely masculine powerful dance, but then turned into a love dialogue between a man and a woman. This spectacular composition of the famous Argentinean choreographer Laura Roatt combines the traditions of the school of Igor Moiseyev and the innovative trends of choreography. Conquered and great acting dancers.