The ballet “Three Masks of the King” of the Samara Academic Opera and Ballet Theater will be seen in St. Petersburg.
On November 21 and 22, the Samara Opera and Ballet Theater will show Yuri Smekalov’s play “Three Masks of the King” on the stage of the New Stage of the Mariinsky Theater. Beginning at 19:30.

The premiere of the play, as well as the tour in St. Petersburg, is a joint project of SATOB and the St. Petersburg KILIZE Theater founded by Vyacheslav Zarenkov with the participation of the TE-ART Samara Foundation for the Support and Development of Art and Culture.

The world premiere of the parable ballet Three Masks of the King took place in SATOB in February this year. The author of the idea is a St. Petersburg philanthropist, writer, artist Vyacheslav Zarenkov. St. Petersburg composer Mikhail Krylov wrote music for the ballet, Daniil Pilchen, a graduate of the Moscow Conservatory, orchestrated, Vlad Zhukov (St. Petersburg) was involved in sound production. The libretto was created by Vyacheslav Zarenkov and choreographer Yuri Smekalov – soloist of the Mariinsky Theater; assistant choreographer – soloist of the Bolshoi Theater of Russia Victoria Litvinova. Production Conductor – Artistic Director and Chief Conductor of SATOB Evgeny Khokhlov. The production was designed by production designer Vyacheslav Okunev (St. Petersburg), lighting designer Irina Viktorovikova (Rostov-on-Don) and video content artist Victoria Zlotnikova (St. Petersburg).

The “Three Masks of the King” combines classical and modern choreographic vocabulary, the sound of a live symphony orchestra and digital sound effects. In Samara, the performance gained tremendous popularity. Everyone sees something of their own in the story of how people change masks, while becoming someone else – or remaining themselves.