The premiere of the children’s play “Terem-Teremok” based on the famous Russian fairy tale will take place on the stage of the Perm Opera and Ballet Theater on November 1, 2 and 23 (6+).

The performance of the Yekaterinburg team in the person of director Maria Rubina and production designer Daria Samorokova was based on the libretto of the poet and playwright Samuel Marshak and composer Ilya Polsky. The team of directors interpreted the folk tale in a new way: if evil heroes were punished in the original plot and good heroes won, then in the version of the Perm Opera all the characters are reconciled and understand that you can live in friendship and do great things together. The feature of the play, according to Maria Rubina, is that the singers do not depict animals, the artists create complex images in which the character of the characters is precisely felt: the eccentric Rooster, the straightforward Bear, the adventurer Wolf and others.

One of the tasks of the production team was the creation of two scenography options. The first – full-weight, detailed – for the theater stage. The second is mobile, so that the performance can be shown in other cities of the Perm Territory as well as in other regions.