The famous dancer Sergei Polunin will bring Satori to Yekaterinburg for the first time. The stars of world ballet will take part in the performance. The show will be held in the capital of the Urals tomorrow. Satori consists of two acts. The first act is composed of solos and duets of world ballet stars.

“It is a great honor for me that such cool dancers agreed to take part in the Russian tour,” said Sergey Polunin. – I want to show the best artists. This is the goal of my mission. As a producer, I want to create a platform for artists. And this tour is an important step in the implementation of the idea. And, since we have a Russian tour, in the first act, mainly representatives of the great Russian ballet school will perform.

The Satori tour will host the world premiere. The famous Danish dancer and choreographer Johan Cobborg will present a new solo that he created specifically for the Russian tour.

-I have been working with Johan for a long time. And his new solo, it seems to me, turned out to be very original. Watching it for sure will be interesting. Cobborg is one of the best actors in world ballet, and his acting skills will be fully revealed in the issue, ”said Sergey Polunin.

Another star participant will be Leonid Sarafanov, one of the most outstanding performers in the ballet Don Quixote. Also in the show, soloists of the Eifman Theater Lyubov Andreeva and Oleg Gabyshev will perform a number from Eifman’s ballet “Requiem”.

Sergei Polunin himself will perform three solos in the first act. The classic show, Diana and Actaeon, will open in the choreography of Agrippina Vaganova. “Diana and Acteon” will go to the “Moonlight Sonata”, created specifically for the Japanese festival dedicated to the Moon. The premiere of this solo took place recently in the territory of the ancient temple in Kyoto. And the first act will complete the already legendary Sergey Polunin solo Take Me To Church to Hozier music – the clip has more than 27.5 million views in the official release only.

The second act of the show of Sergey Polunin is actually Satori. In Zen practice, “satori” means “sudden enlightenment”, “vision of one’s own nature.”

“And the Satori performance itself is also a peculiar projection of human life,” added Sergey Polunin. – Everything changes and evolves not only in life, but also in our performance. Its creator, Gabe del Vecchio, believes that with each performance something needs to be added and changed. Therefore, every attempt to enter the stage we try to do something better and brighter, a little differently.

It is important that a student of the Academy of Choreography in Sevastopol, where Sergey Polunin is the acting rector, will take part in Satori. The role of the Boy is rehearsed by nine-year-old Arseniy Tsurko and Vasily Shevchenko, who received grants from the Sergei Polunin Charity Foundation for the Support and Development of Arts to study at the studio of the Academy of Choreography. Which of them will enter the scene is still unknown. It is possible that both will dance.